Calling all former students and staff of the University of Malaya Medical School, all students of Medicine and Teachers of Medicine.

There is a new book “T J Danaraj Doctor and Teacher Extraordinaire” by Professor Dr. HO Wong, on Professor TJ Danaraj, the Foundation Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. Those of you who have had the privilege of being taught by this giant in Malaysian medicine would have no doubt this was an extraordinary individual, an exemplary and dedicated teacher and phenomenal clinician.
The Academy of Medicine has copies of the book and it is available for order from the Academy of Medicine.

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The book will also be launched at the Academic Scientific Meeting by Tun Dr Mahathir, a student of TJ Danaraj himself, on May 5 2012 at Saujana Hotel Subang.

In the book you will read about a Giant who terrorized his medical students because he wanted them to be the BEST; read how he “whacked”, scolded, pushed his students to excellence.

Girls burst into tears, boys ran up and down to the library, the duster flew, the pointer poked and the tendon hammer “whacked”; yet all these same students now write glowing tributes to a man whom they grew to love and respect.

Read about how he grew up in colonial times to be a doctor, fighting discrimination and difficult times, how he transformed a piece of empty land on a hill at the University of Malaya into a Temple of Medical Knowledge and service, and where he was the High Priest of Medical Education till he was 80 years old. Only failing health stopped him from teaching his beloved students.

“This book recounts one man’s single mindedness in the quest for excellence in Medical Education.

TJ Danaraj dedicated his whole life time career towards medical education in Singapore and in Malaysia.  After World War II he joined the teaching staff of the King Edward College of Medicine which in 1949 became the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Malaya in Singapore. He was elected Dean of the Faculty in 1960.  As Dean he introduced postgraduate medical education, made changes in the curriculum and increased the intake of students to produce more doctors sorely needed in the country.

In 1963 the newly independent Malaysia decided to set up its own medical school as the country was facing an acute shortage of doctors.  TJ Danaraj was the obvious choice.  He accepted the appointment as Foundation Dean as a new challenge.  Not only was the structure of the University of Malaya Medical Centre completed in record time but the first batch of doctors graduated in 1969, six years after the decision was taken to build the medical school. His role in establishing a second medical school in Saudi Arabia and how he overcame the difficulties encountered is also described in the book.

TJ Danaraj fulfilled his life long passion of excellence in Medical Education to produce doctors of high caliber and left his mark as the Father of Medical Education in Singapore, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.  Stories told by graduates from all these universities testify to the legacy he left behind and the extraordinary way he was able to mould and inspire them.  Invariably the initial “fear” on first encounter with TJ Danaraj turned into expressions of respect, affection and friendship”.